Timothy Paul Jobe

Welcome to my site!  Please feel free to look around, send me a message, and stay in touch, I’m glad you’re here.

“About Me” in a couple of paragraphs?  I believe every individual has a story that deserves to be told.  I’ve been fortunate to be able to perform throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia, and my experience has been that the need to express is as universal as it is fundamental.  I believe passionately in the power of the arts to move and inspire and to better the world.  I believe we live to love, listen, and share.

Now happy to be back home in the United States and living in New York City, I recently relocated from London and Singapore, with film and TV roles in American, European, and Asian productions, including Equals, Philomena, and Chinese and Malaysian language television and online video series.

I’ve studied acting with Eve Roberts at the University of Washington in Seattle, Bernie Beck as well as Mikalina Rabinsky at The Piven Theatre in Evanston, Illinois, Michael Pieper at The Second City in Chicago, Jon Campbell in London, and Lee Brock at The Barrow Group here in New York City—learning for me is a forever, continuous endeavor!  I also love to perform stand-up and improv to keep my blood flowing and my mind and heart racing—a total trip without a script, it’s absolutely crazy and exhilarating, just like life!  Keep on sharing and come out to see a show—I hope to see you soon!



Timothy Paul Jobe

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